AppTec360 Featurematrix

Unified Endpoint Management Package
(Enterprise Mobile Manager)
Secure Connection & Identity Package
(Universal Gateway)
Content Management Package
Endpoint Management      
Android, iOS, Windows Mobile X    
Windows 10 for PC and macOS X    
Supported Enrollment Methods      
Auto Enrollment by Apptec X    
Apple DEP Support X    
Android Enterprise Enrollment X    
Samsung KNOX Enrollment X    
QR-Enrollment X    
NFC-Enrollment X    
SMS Enrollment X    
eMail Enrollment X    
URL Enrollment X    
Bulk Enrollment X    
Asset Inventory      
Hardware Asset Information X    
WiFi Information X    
Cellular Information X    
Bluetooth Information X    
Software Inventory      
Installed Apps X    
Mandatory Apps X    
Blacklisted Apps X    
Extended Reporting      
Compliance Reports X    
Device Reports X    
App Reports X    
SIM-Card Report X    
Mobile App Management      
Remote App Installation (Inhouse & Store Apps) X    
Enterprise App Store X    
Single App Kiosk Mode X    
Volume Purchase Program (VPP) X    
Black- and Whitelisting X    
System-App Restrictions X    
App Configurator X    
App Versionmanagement X    
OS-Update Management X    
Mobile eMail Management      
PIM Management X    
Secure eMail Gateway   X  
Device Whitelist for Connection with Exchange   X  
Device Quarantine Mode   X  
Unmanaged Guest Device Support   X  
Zero Touch Authentication (Kerberos)   X  
BYOD Management X    
Separation of Business and Private Data X    
Container Management      
Android Enterprise (Android for Work) X    
iOS Inbuilt Security (iOS Container)    
Samsung KNOX Workspace X (Paid Add-On)    
SecurePIM X (Paid Add-On)    
Security & Configuration Management      
GPS Tracking (Dual control) X    
Geofencing X    
Device Full Wipe X    
Enterprise Wipe X    
Lock Screen X    
Forensic Lockdown X    
Manage Activationlock X    
MessageBox X    
Device Lost Information X    
Passcode Policy X    
Device Encryption X    
Single Sign On X    
Certificate Management X    
End of Life Management X    
Restriction Settings X    
Privacy and Security Settings X    
Jailbreak & Root detection X    
Wallpaper Setting X    
Custom Font Setting X    
AppTec VPN Gateway & Client   X  
AntiVirus for Android X (Paid Add-On)    
Content Management      
Webbased Content Management Platform     X
Content Storage     X
External Storage Support     X
Audit Trail     X
External Storage Support     X
Secure Content App     X
Business Camera     X
Connection Management      
WiFi Configuration X    
WiFi Whitelising X    
VPN Device Mode Configuration X    
Per-App-VPN Configuration X    
Bluetooth Configuration X    
APN/Cellular Configuration X    
Whitelist for Data Roaming X    
Remote Control      
Teamviewer Integration (Bring your own License) X    
Management Console      
Active Directory Support X    
Multi Tenancy Support X    
Multi Admin Support (Role based) X    
Dashboard for Support X    
Self Service Portal X    
Administrator Audit Logging X    
Privacy Setting (Dual Control) X    
Multi Language Support X    
REST API for Third Party Integration X